Being Plus Size in Asia

Our thoughts
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Being plus size in Asia is not easy. Our society is a thin society. People are generally petite here.  Fat girls are the ones who get laughed at even as they try to stand out and embrace their curves .On top of that, plus size girls here usually can't fit into local clothing brands. You will be told million times that the company has only a small range. Sad but true.
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We have attitude and we respect ourselves so we don’t waste time comparing ourselves to others. Sure you need to make the effort to exercise regularly but not because you hate your body. You should do it because you LOVE yourself that much and you want to be healthy. Should you have to hate you body because of society want you to?  We don’t think so. Society tell us what we shouldn’t look like and wear but this is our life. Being beautiful and feeling good shouldn’t have label or number. Just embracing who you already are and believe in the beauty of being comfortable with our singularity.
plus size thailand clothing bangkok curvy shop

To be true to ourselves is to be authentic. We become comfortable in our own skin. This is the root of an elegant and respectful woman. This is the beginning of elegant self confidence. Quality is essential to elegance. Aim for quality over quantity because we deserve it. We love to have style with a bit of attitude. It’s original. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. We are confident and self aware to know what looks good on ourselves. We adapt fashion to our style, not the other way round.
plus size thailand clothing bangkok curvy shop

We believe in wearing clothes that make ourselves feel good all the time. Clothes that make you feel good about yourself and your body can affect your well-being and emotional state for a multitude of reasons. When you look and feel good, you perform at a much higher level in your life. Clothing also has a significant effect on self-esteem & confidence and help to shift people from a negative to a positive perspective. Clothing is a source of pride and pleasure!
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